Easy Summer Reading Tips For Parents

As the temperature increases and the vibrant summer days set in, the school doors close and the kids are finally at home for their much-awaited summer vacations. Vacations are the perfect time for relaxation and fun for the kids. But, it certainly does not mean they put a pause on learning.

Studies have shown that kids experience a loss of reading skills over their holidays due to Summer Slide. Summer Slide is essentially the loss of knowledge and academic skills over the course of summer vacations, typically in countries that have lengthy breaks. To prevent this, involve your kids in fun and enriching reading activities.


  1. Make Reading Fun
    It is important to read about different things instead of just focusing on educational content so that reading becomes a fun activity rather than a task for your young ones.  Introduce your kids to different comic books, magazines, etc. The School Social is a high-interest daily magazine that provides a plethora of topics to read about, and makes reading fun and something that children choose as positive pass-time!

  2. Encourage Reading Aloud
    Reading aloud helps get a better grasp of the language and improves fluency.

  3. Be A Good Reading Role Model
    “Show me a family of readers, and I will show you the people who move the world.”- Napoleon Bonaparte
    Be a good example for your kids and take out time to actually sit with them and read. This will not only build their interest in reading but provide quality family time as well.

  4. Create A Routine
    It is essential to create a reading routine for your kids so that they fall into the habit of reading something each day. Fix up a time during the day when everyone reads. Add a daily reading engagement to your routine, like a newspaper – magazine time, short story time, reading to each-other time, etc.

  5. Have Discussions
    Encourage your child to discuss what they are reading about and make it a more interactive session. This will help to foster their interest in reading.

  6. Set Reading Goals
    Set achievable reading targets for your kids, say 10 pages a day. On completion of these goals reward them with something. This is a positive reinforcement that will encourage them to keep on reading.

  7. Explore Different Genres
    Let your child explore different genres while reading, ranging from fantasy to autobiographies, and see what holds their interest.