“Reading is boring”, “It’s such a hassle to go through all these pages” are some of the statements you as a parent could have heard your child saying. But did you know that your same child would also agree that reading is beneficial for him/ her? According to a study by the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, where 56% of the student respondents said reading is boring, the same 86% of them agreed that reading has an influence on their academic performance, and more than 55% agreed that a good reading habit is directly proportional to good academic performance.

Reading is the skill of decoding the given text and comprehending it through fluent speaking. It is an underrated skill due to unawareness of its tremendous underlying benefits. We might think that the ability to read effectively is not a necessary skill in our everyday life and there is no need to read if we don’t want to. This is where The School Social comes in. We believe that everyone, especially children, should have a reading habit. We try to act as a bridge between a need to read and the want to read among children and teens, i.e., not force it on them but make them want to read.

A good reading habit may develop and improve a person as a human being altogether, whether it’s their attitude, thinking ability, personality, or decision-making. Through reading books, one’s creativity and problem-solving skills increase. Even communication skills are improved. According to a study, around 63% of people think that reading helps them to express themselves better. But most importantly, one’s knowledge is increased on various topics. This improves one’s awareness of the world in general which helps them form intellectual opinions and make rational decisions.

It’s difficult indeed to induce a good habit among children. Whether it’s personal care, keeping things in order, and in this context, reading. The School Social team aims to make reading, not a monotonous and recurring activity, but a fun pursuit. We do so by creating engaging and regulated articles on recent trends, sports, compelling facts, etc. that children enjoy. In this digitalized world, a parent can’t snatch devices from their kids. Our endeavor is to make their screen time meaningful by providing them with quality and personalized content that would make them want to read more!