Effective Ways to Build a Strong Vocabulary

Building a strong vocabulary is an essential skill that can enhance your communication, comprehension, and overall language abilities.

Today, everyone knows how to write and converse in English, but not everyone has a way with words. Occasionally, while speaking to your friends or colleagues, you might want to describe something or someone in a single word but couldn’t remember that particular word or might not know of it. So, you take the long route to delineate the point. You might also want to sound intellectual and nifty while conversing. This is why you need to improve your English by building a strong vocabulary.

Using a strong vocabulary while talking would make you feel confident, and others would see you with respect and admiration. This is because you’d be using words whose meaning others might not know, or they might know but would have used a simpler word if they were in your place.
But how do we build a good vocabulary?
There are numerous ways for you to do that and in this article, we’d tell you the best ways:-

  • Reading:
    What’s better than a book to learn new words? Pick any book whether fiction or non-fiction and start reading. Search through a dictionary or the web if you come across a new word. With the same word being repeated in the same book or a different book, you’d ultimately comprehend the meaning of that word. Not only books but read newspapers, magazines, blogs, newsletters, etc. too.Effective Ways to Build a Strong Vocabulary

  • Noting a new word creates a list:
    If you come across a new word, whether while watching a show, or hearing from someone else, or by any other means, note it down somewhere and search for the meaning later. Keep this as a daily habit. Create and visit the list of those compiled words regularly.
  • Understanding the context:
    Just knowing the meaning of the words isn’t enough. You also need to know the context in which a word is used for proper comprehension of that word. You may use various websites like Merriam-Webster, Cambridge, Collins, Thesaurus, etc. to read sentence examples containing the specific word.
  • Use vocabulary-building apps:
    There are various free and premium apps available online that you can make use of to increase your vocabulary. In general, these apps offer games, quizzes, and puzzles to increase your wordstock with USPs differing from app to app. The School Social’s app recommendation: KnudgeUse vocabulary-building apps: Knudge
  • Read vocabulary-building books:
    Vocabulary-building books come with a plethora of words along with their meaning and lots of practice exercises to ingrain the meaning of those words in your brain. The School Social’s book recommendation: Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis.Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis.
  • Use those words in your daily life:
    The best way to fully learn a new word is to use it occasionally in your everyday life. This active usage of new words would help you retain the meaning and practical application of those words. Regularly interact with others. Whether it’s an informal conversation or a formal discussion, you’ll get chances to exercise your vocabulary either way.
  • Write regularly:
    Even writing is a great way to improve your vocabulary. You may write a diary entry or a personal blog or maybe aim to write a book. With the Internet existing and making things easy, you are just a search away from finding the synonyms of the words. Use those synonyms in your everyday writing and witness your vocabulary improve.
  • Take coaching classes:
    You must be wondering why I need to attend classes just to improve my vocabulary. But do you know having a strong vocabulary can enhance your CV and improve your chances of going abroad? Vocabulary forms a significant albeit not the only part of widely accepted tests like TOEFL and IELTS. Taking coaching classes would significantly improve your vocabulary and English as a whole.TOEFL score

As mentioned earlier, reading is a significant way to improve one’s vocabulary. Even better if you are reading from an early age as by the time a child reaches adulthood, he will have an amazing stock of words. The School Social is just the platform for children to not only develop good reading habits but also develop their vocabulary for effective communication and expression in their everyday life and also lay a foundation for further development of the vocabulary.

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