How Quizzes Help Students Learn Better

We all know what it feels like to sit in a classroom, attending a mundane lecture. The minutes crawl by as we try to absorb information, struggling to maintain focus. Even if the topic is interesting, it is hard to learn anything in a boring environment, and as a result, we do not retain anything.

How traditional way help student to learn better ?

The traditional model of education focuses on a one-way flow of information from the teacher to the students and often fails to ignite curiosity and enthusiasm within learners. In today’s time, teaching is evolving. There is a great emphasis on making learning fun and stimulating for children to improve retention and get better results.
Albert Einstein rightly said, 

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.

Recent studies have shown that a Quiz is one of the most effective ways to achieve this.  It contributes to helping students learn much better.


  1. They are FUN!
    Quizzes are designed in a way that makes studies more enjoyable. They add an element of fun, which contributes positively to the learning process. Reading naturally becomes learning when there is a set of comprehension questions at the end. Some of the reading platforms have quizzes attached to them, that make reading even more engaging. 
  1. Better Retention
    Quizzes help pupils comprehend more effectively and recall information quickly. This enhances the long-term retention of what is studied and a deeper understanding is built on the subject. Every article in the school social magazine comes with a fun fact around it, a quiz on what you read and also a new word to enhance your vocabulary. 
  2. Build Confidence
    The challenging nature of a quiz and successfully answering it provides a sense of achievement to a student, which ultimately motivates them to study more. Furthermore, in case of failure, the privacy offered by a quiz enables a student to reflect upon his/her mistakes and do better next time without the fear of any judgment or mockery.
  3. Help in Revision
    They help in brushing up on important topics and actively remembering what was studied. Quizzes are the easiest way to self-assess one’s knowledge and understanding. 
  4. Improve Time Management
    Quizzes provide a structured format for reviewing study material quickly and efficiently. Immediate feedback from a quiz helps learners identify their weak areas and work on them, rather than wasting time studying everything- even the things that they already know.
  5. Feedback for Teachers
    Quizzes are a great way for educators to know if what they are teaching is actually being understood by the students or not. They help to identify knowledge gaps.
  6. Aid in Self-Assessment
    Quizzes are a great way of inculcating self-studies in young learners as they can easily track their growth and progress, assess their knowledge and find out the key areas on which they have to work upon.
  7. Enhance Focus
    Quizzes motivate learners to pay attention to important details and concepts and memorize them efficiently.
  8. Less Stressful
    Quizzes generally carry no or less weightage in an academic curriculum which makes them less stressful as compared to exams. With this reduced pressure, students are able to learn better in a more relaxed environment.
  9. Provide Better Understanding
    Quizzes often break down complex information into bite-sized pieces which are smaller and more manageable to learn. This improves comprehension and understanding.

It’s great to play some quiz games on your smartphone, or in the newspaper. One place where the interactivity of an online quiz and the knowledge-imparting quizzes of a newspaper come together is the daily magazine at The School Social. Readers can not only play three article based quizzes everyday, but also gather credit points for participation which can later be redeemed for great offers.

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